Calling Appleton, Wisconsin home isn't exactly something that propels a band into notoriety, but it's not anything to be ashamed of either. So after long stints of touring and meeting temptation in every city they play, Antifreeze always return to appleton with a smile on their collective face.

Led by tag-team songwriters/vocalists Tim Crowley and Jon Tyler, their yin-and-yang approach to crafting their songs gives Antifreeze a unique starting point when creating an album. The songs' structure and vocals are distinctly different, but the final result is a product that holds the listener's attention right to the very end. Guitarist Mason Zuleger adds a wild element to their live show, constantly moving and jumping around the stage without a care in the world. Where previous drummers were suitable for the job, the recent addition of young prodigy Trevor Lewis brings the rhythm section to a much higher level. Yes, he really is that good.

Their pop-laden debut four letter words, produced by kris roe of the ataris, branded them as a quality pop-punk outfit that Kung Fu has become known for. With their second album the search for something more, Antifreeze branch out on their own, catapulting themselves from the pop-punk bin and into territory where bands finally break free of genre titles and earn a classification worthy of their own style. Instead of repetition, listeners get a new treat with every track, blending punk, emo, pop, and straight-up rock while cutting the mix even further with two separate vocalists. Their association with recently-graduated rock heroes The Ataris (who not only discovered them and produced their first album, but now manage them as well) will pave the beaten paths with gold for Antifreeze to reach whole new levels.

Between the worldwide recognition of kung fu records and Antifreeze's appealing brand of rock, you are sure to come across these four wisconsin boys playing a nearby stage very soon. Touring workhorses they are, Antifreeze have toured worldwide with Sum 41, The Vandals, AFI, The Ataris, Audio Karate, plus the 2001 and 2002 Warped Tours.


Four Letter Words

The Search For Something More