The Show Must Go Off

The series initiated in July 2002 with the release of a live Vandals concert DVD recorded in December 2001 at their annual "Christmas Formal" concert. However, this release did not originally bear the "Show Must Go Off!" moniker. The series title came into use with the second release in the series, a performance by Mest at the House of Blues. This was later re-labeled as "Episode 2" in the series, with the Vandals Christmas DVD being re-labeled "Episode 1." The series consists mostly of punk rock and pop punk bands from various eras, including older groups that experienced their heyday in the 1980s, later groups who rose to popularity in the 1990s, and younger acts that have formed or gained popularity in recent years.

As the series has progressed its production values have improved, and numerous special features have been incorporated into the DVD releases. Episode 9, The Vandals Live at the House of Blues uses the most of such bonus features thus far, including a "Josh Freese cam" with a picture-in-picture close-up of his foot pedal, optional on-screen lyrics, and multiple band commentaries.

Episode 1

The Vandals
Oi to the World! Live in Concert

Episode 2

Live at the House of Blues

Episode 3

One Man Army
Live at the Troubadour

Episode 4

Alkaline Trio
Halloween at the Metro

Episode 5

Neil Hamburger
Live at the Phoenix Greyhound Park

Episode 6

Live at the House of Blues

Episode 7

Pistol Grip
Live at the Glasshouse

Episode 8

Reel Big Fish
Live at the House of Blues

Episode 9

The Vandals
Live at the House of Blues

Episode 10

The Adolescents
Live at the House of Blues

Episode 11

Live at the House of Blues

Episode 12

Live at the House of Blues

Episode 13

Bleeding Through
This Is Live, This Is Murderous

Episode 14

The Matches
Live at the House of Blues

Episode 15

Throw Rag
Live at the House of Blues

Episode 16

Circle Jerks
Live at the House of Blues

Episode 17

Tsunami Bomb
Live at the Glasshouse

Episode 18

Dance Hall Crashers
Live at House of Blues L.A.

Episode 19

The Bouncing Souls
Live at the Glasshouse

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu 2

Secret Weapons of Kung Fu 3


That Darn Punk

That Darn Punk is the first feature from the film production leg of Vandals bassist Joe Escalante's Kung-Fu Records. Escalante himself stars as Dirk Castigo, a down-on-his-luck punk rock bass player, who's been kicked out by his girlfriend (Mia Crowe) with nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. As if that weren't bad enough, throughout the film Dirk faces everyone from kidnappers to aliens from outer space. Released straight to video in 2001 and featuring an appearance by Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, That Darn Punk was partially made as a showcase for its soundtrack which included new music by such bands as Rancid, Guttermouth, Lagwagon, Swingin' Utters, Pennywise, The Ataris, and Ozma.


On the run as an extremely abused roadie for a punk band, a frustrated erotic cake baker finally finds love with a wheel chair bound beauty who encourages him to pursue his dreams in a televised battle against the French baking establishment.

Sweatin' to the Oldies

Directed by Jeff Stein (The Kids are Alright), with 5 cameras and a 16 track analog soundtrack, this is a documentation of a classic Vandals Orange County performance is one of the seminal punk concert videos. The video is laced through out with hilarious personal profiles of The Vandals within chaotic yet tight live stage performances.

Fear Of A Punk Planet

"Fear of a Punk Planet" is the first-ever original scripted series in a television format depicting life in the Southern California punk rock scene. Fear of a Punk Planet video Volume 1 features 3 episodes led off NOFX and 7 extra concert performances from BOuncing Souls, Sick Of It All, Ataris and Good Riddance. Nothing like this ever happened before, and nothing like it will ever happen again, so get yours now! A unique and entertaining combination of music video and dramedy, FEAR OF A PUNK PLANET stars comedic talents Kyle Gass (of Tenacious D) and Scott Aukerman (of HBO's cult series MR. SHOW) while featuring raucous music performances from NOFX, the Mr. T Experience, the Ataris and others. In the first of 2 stories, Kyle Gass plays a stuffy fire marshall who shuts down a local punk rock nightclub. Though very different in their views about punk rock, 4 punks band together to save the club. NOW A COMIC BOOK ON SALE IN OUR ONLINE STORE!