Big Wig

Nj based BigWig has definitely made a name for themselves. Known for their explosive live shows and dedication to their music, BigWig are constantly touring. The band has gone on the road/played with such bands as Pennywise, H20, Less Than Jake, Blink 182, The Ataris, The Vandals, Strung Out, Murphy's Law, The Suicide Machines, Avail, Agnostic Front, Lagwagon, The Skatalites, Mephiskapheles, and Reel Big Fish, they also played at the Vans Warped Tour in NJ.

BigWig's second release, "stay asleep" displays the diversity of each individual band members musical influences. On "stay asleep" the band shows that they have grown from their Propaghandi/RKL influenced sound on their first fearless release "un-merry melodies", to a more broad and diverse musical style that showcases their diversity as a band. Lyrically true to life yet still holding on to their sarcastic sense of humor, BigWig has proven themselves as musicians.


Stay Asleep

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