In true DIY spirit, when Longfellow first began, they immediately started their own label "Long Records" to release records on. Their first release sold so well it led to an indie record deal with Kung Fu Records/Films. While on the label Longfellow recorded an album with Warren Fitzgerald of Oingo Boingo/Tenacious D/The Vandals, and toured the entire U.S. extensively for about 2 years and built up a national fan base. Longfellow was fortunate enough to play with some amazing bands including Jimmy Eat World, At The Drive In, Alkaline Trio, Papa Roach, Bad Religion, Blink 182 and The Vandals. Longfellow kept active by writing and recording new songs as well as performing all over the west coast. Longfellow is on hiatus now, but the members continue to perform in a variety of bands to this day.


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