Stiff Little Fingers

Kung fu records is very proud to be the american and japanese home for the legendary stiff little fingers. This occasion was officially marked by the release of their album guitar & drum on July 13, 2004.

Only a handful of groups have the credibility that SLF fought long and hard to retain throughout their career by remaining in high gear with constant touring and quality music. Relevant and thought provoking music is what Stiff Little Fingers is and has always been about. In concert, they leave new-school punk fans and those that have followed the band over the years energized, as they all pump their fists in celebration.

SLF was founded by Jake Burns in Belfast circa 1977. Inspired by the new breed of bands like The Vibrators and The Clash, Burns immediately took to songwriting and performing. Being a product of the rough upbringing and turbulence that northern Ireland had to offer. The material created by Burns and performed by the band became the blueprint for revolutionary punk rock with a purpose. Their first album inflammable material debuted at #14 on the UK charts, and had staple tracks like "Wasted Life" and "Suspect Device." It was an instant classic, a must-have album in a class with Never Mind The Bollocks by The Sex Pistols and Black Flag's Jealous Again. Everybody had it, and the band has been inspiring ever since.

Fast-forward to the present. Burns and crew continue to write songs with the same amount of feeling and purpose as they did at their incarnation. Guitar & drum covers a range of topics that punks of all schools can relate to, from the soulless music scene described in the album's title track, to dealing with misconceptions of age and relevance ("Still Burning"). Fittingly, a tribute to long-time inspiration and colleague Joe Strummer ("Strummerville") is also found on the album.


Guitar and Drum

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